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TWarrior Coaching International offers several corporate programs for both executives and employees at all levels.

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For Business Executives or Leaders in Any Organization

Convergence Power:
Turning Your Corporate Culture into a Purpose-Driven Profit Machine that Runs Itself without You… and Leaves Your Competition in the Dust

Corporate pain comes in many forms - overworked executives presiding over under-performing companies, internal distrust between staff and management, low morale, high cynicism, high turnover and the resulting hemorrhage of time and money. These are classic symptoms of a “Divergence Culture”

Convergence, on the other hand, describes the exponential growth that ensues when a group of talented and dedicated people functioning in an environment of unquestioned mutual trust bring all their energy to bear on a single objective they’re passionate about reaching.

If your attendees are tired of working 60 hours a week to run a company that’s bringing in 1X million dollars and would prefer a 5X million dollar operation that runs itself while they’re at the golf course, then this presentation is for them!

Proven wildly effective across the board - in corporations, NGOs, government departments and even in the military - the Convergence model is the key to making work more fun, more rewarding and much more profitable.

Participants will learn:

  • Why Corporate Culture will make or break any organization
  • How to double their profits with existing resources… and have fun doing it
  • How to send morale through the roof and HR costs through the floor
  • What their organization must do to attract all the top talent like a magnet
  • The steps they must take and the all-important order in which to take them, if they want to build a world-class organization
  • The little-known secrets of “Convergence Leadership”TM

Building on his knowledge of ancient Warrior business strategies and his ten years “in the trenches” fighting to build highly functional corporate cultures, Dr. Symeon Rodger will leave your audience with not just an inspiring vision for their organizations, but the means to get there.

Participants will get a complimentary copy of Dr. Symeon Rodger’s E-book, Convergence Power.

For Solo Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

Business Bushido:
Secrets of Super-Competence and Massive Results for Business Builders

Find nearly any solo-entrepreneur or small business owner these days and we’ll show you somebody working 60 hours per week, with no free time (let alone time for the family!), with mediocre cash-flow, who’s drowning in menial tasks, has lost their inspiration and is close to burn-out.

Life was not meant to be this way! And after your audience puts Dr. Symeon Rodger’s strategies into action, time will free up, cash will pour in and they will stay continually inspired by their business vision.

For over 30 centuries, the strategists of the ancient world combined personal life optimization and military strategy into a single, coherent system for success in any undertaking. Symeon gives your audience the essence of these strategies and challenges them to engage in a cycle of continuous improvement.

Once they’ve learned the real strategies of Business Bushido - the Art of War for Business Builders - they’ll know how to build the business of their dreams without losing their sanity. They will know how to subdue the most dangerous threat to their business’ success - themselves!

Participants will learn:

  • The secrets of super-competence for achieving 3-5 times as much as they do now and in less time
  • The foolproof way to end overwhelm
  • How to rev-up their cash flow instantly
  • The absolute necessity of clarifying their business vision and how to do it
  • How to clear away any emotional obstacles to success
  • The business warrior’s checklist of fatal mistakes
Business Bushido is a real life crash course in getting your business to where you want it to go. It is the distilled essence of business success according to the timeless and proven principles of Warriorship, presented in an engaging and often humorous way.

Participants will get a complimentary copy of Dr. Symeon Rodger’s acclaimed book The 5 Pillars of Life: Reclaiming Ownership of Your Mind, Body and Future.

Mindset Metamorphosis:

Unleashing the Tsunami of Success Within You

Wherever we find failure in our lives, we’re bound to find a lethal mixture of toxic beliefs and thought patterns, patterns of doubt, fear, low self-worth and a whole variety of negative emotional content. Maybe we’re persistently plagued by thoughts of illness, anxiety, anger or incompetence - and this plague seems hard-wired into our very being.

Few people today doubt that Mindset plays a huge role in our lives and dictates most of our results, good or bad. In this highly educational and entertaining presentation, Dr. Symeon Rodger will show your audience not only that they can completely “morph” their mindset at will, but even how to do it. He’ll take them through a concrete process built on the best of ancient and modern methods for getting where they want to go.

Your audience will leave knowing:

  • How to get totally clear on their major, definite purpose in life and wildly enthusiastic about it
  • The fastest way to clear out emotional obstacles and “blast through their past”
  • How to attract anything they want - without complex visualizations and useless “wishful thinking” - even if they’ve failed before
  • A concise plan for going from financial stress to financial stability and, finally, to financial freedom
  • How to reprogram their brain’s software to work many times more efficiently than ever before.
This presentation is not just an inspiring “motivational” talk that will leave your audience high and dry after the glow wears off. It’s a hard-hitting strategy for turning life around, based on Symeon’s years of counseling experience and the distilled essence his 25 hours of interviews with the world’s greatest mindset masters as Director of The Mindset Mastery Virtual Bootcamp.

WCI offers generous quantity discounts on Dr. Symeon Rodger’s 16-part interview series with the world’s greatest mindset experts, The Mindset Masters Speak: How to Get Clear on Your Purpose, Blast Through Your Barriers and Attract Everything You Really Want in Life.

For Your Employees / Staff:

Mindset Metamorphosis (See above)
Advanced Stress-Busting

Is stress the number one complaint in your work place? Is your organization losing lots of money to “sick leave” that’s really “stress leave”? If so, you’re in good company - that describes the vast majority of businesses, NGOs and government departments these days.

During this 2-Day workshop, Dr. Symeon Rodger will give your staff the most powerful stress-busting strategies known - strategies so successful that they don’t just “manage stress”; they eliminate it totally in many cases.

Drawing on his well-known Rock Solid Tranquility course (Using the Ancient Art of HARA to Create Unshakable Inner Peace, Abundant Energy, Personal Success and a Stress-Free Life), he will train your people not only what to do when they feel the physical symptoms of psychological stress coming on, but also how to avoid letting stress get even that far.

By adjusting their posture, breathing, physical movement and mental focus, your people will become functionally immune to stress.

Participants will learn how to integrate body and mind, reach deep relaxation on demand, anywhere and anytime, as well as a series of strategies to reduce stress in family life.

And, as an added bonus, Dr. Rodger will share with them the top two methods in the world today for uprooting deeply ingrained emotional patterns that produce psychological stress and its debilitating array of physical symptoms.

Moreover, the program also includes a survey about stress in the workplace, the results of which Dr. Rodger will share with your executive team, along with his recommendations about how they can reduce the stress placed on staff without a drop in productivity. This alone can save a large organization millions of dollars on lost hours from sick leave, long-term medical leave and unnecessary staff turnover.

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the course manual for Rock Solid Tranquility: Using the Ancient Art of HARA to Create Unshakable Inner Peace, Abundant Energy, Personal Success and a Stress-Free Life.

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