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Warrior Coaching International (WCI) is home to the world-class training programs developed by Dr. Symeon Rodger, the world’s foremost authority in the personal development and business strategies of the ancient world’s wildly successful systems of spiritual life, health maintenance and martial arts.

How “Off-the-Charts” Would Your Life or Business Be if You Were a Master of Such Life Skills as: Spiritual Life and Inner Tranquility, Time and Energy Management, Health and Fitness, and Human relationships and Influence?

Sadly, the lives of most people around you, and perhaps yours too, don’t fit that description. Most people in the Western world live out their lives under chronic psychological stress, with severe emotional challenges and significant health problems. Their relationships are a mess and their finances aren’t usually far behind.

And even most “successful” people have paid a heavy price for their success - overwork, addictions, failed marriages, poor relationships with their children, and a nervous system on the brink of collapse - to name just a few of the typical symptoms.

Welcome to the chronic dysfunction of our civilization: low personal effectiveness in all areas of life and pervasive emotional incompetence.

This does not have to be you!

You really can master all the life skills listed above. There is a way. It’s not at all new. It has been clinically proven across dozens of cultures for at least two dozen centuries.

The astonishingly successful training methods and life strategies of the ancient world’s wildly successful traditions of spiritual life, health maintenance and martial arts are now available… synthesized into a series of unique programs to help you personally and/or your business or organization.

These traditions have existed worldwide for millennia and still thrive today. The best of them can be found within certain schools of Buddhism, Taoisim, Eastern Orthodox Christianity and among some of the aboriginal tribes of the Americas. This includes the Bushido tradition of the Samurai, the strategies of the Ninja, the training methods of the Shaolin and Wudang warrior monks, and the life-transforming strategies of the Byzantine Hesychasts.

And they all have two things in common:

First, their general approach to life is hands-down the most successful ever discovered - it consistently produces highly functional human beings who are far more effective at every area of human life than the average person.

Second, they all refer to their practitioners as “Warriors”… even if their followers are not soldiers and never carry a weapon their whole lives!

How strange is that?

What is “Warriorship”?

If the word “Warrior” conjures up images of a macho, Rambo-like approach to life, of arrogance or random violence, you could not possibly be more mistaken!

Warriorship in these systems means a holistic approach to maximizing human potential through a training regime that takes you out of your comfort zone, and deliberately cultivates harmony on all levels of existence.

Training in warriorship will give you unshakable inner peace, boundless energy, iron-clad immunity, fulfilling relationships, control of your life and the total conviction that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to. What would that do for you?

Warriorship differs from most current self-help methods:

  1. Warriorship treats the whole person - the total YOU - and not just a single issue like your waistline, your wallet or your chronic worrying. Warriorship heals and strengthens all of your powers and abilities from the ground up

  2. Warriorship is not based on guess-work or short term research. It has literally millennia of documented proof that its methods actually get the results advertised

  3. Warriorship sets up a rock solid foundation for every area of your life, so you no longer have an ineffective lifestyle that brings you a constant array of mental, emotional and physical problems

  4. It teaches you to cultivate harmony and tranquility on levels that other methods don’t even dream of. And this deep inner relaxation gives you far more energy to apply to your life and career without exhausting yourself.

  5. Warriorship has no interest in teaching you how to “cope” better with life. Once you become a genuine warrior, life has to cope with you.

Is Warriorship for Me?

That depends…

Warriorship can turn anyone - young or old, rich or poor, male or female - into a phenomenally successful and joyous person, provided they are willing to make an effort.

Typically two kinds of people make superb warriors:

Those who say, “My life is a mess in many ways and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to change it…” and,

Those who say, “I’m pretty successful, at the top of my field, and I’m left asking, ‘Is this all there is to life? What’s next?’”

In reality, most of us have a bit of both types within us.

The only person who cannot benefit from Warriorship training is the person who persists in blaming others, who won’t take responsibility for their life and decisions, who is too comfort loving to do things they “don’t feel like doing at the moment”, who is always searching for security and guarantees in life.

That’s the professional victim, and he or she will not get past our screening process.

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